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We are a team of young and ambitious people who started this journey in 2018. We switched back and forth between multiple ideas we had, as startups without a proper research do. Isn't that a little bit funny? We provide research, but we didn't do a proper research for our own product. 😅

Thankfully, we learned from our mistakes and took our time to perfect it.

We are building a market research platform for agile teams. 🙌🏼

That's mainly our vision:

◻️ We provide solutions for agile market research teams.

Agile as a way of work just started in the market research industry and we want to be one of the carriers of this trend.

As far as we see our mission:

◻️ Providing actionable insights.

From the start we always tried to give actions after a research.

You expected to see our vision and mission here, right?

But you didn't expect to see our strategic goal:

◻️ By 2026 we will be among the top 20 companies recognized by Greenbook.

Maybe you will think, isn't that in like, 6 years? You are nowhere near that? Yeah, you are right.

We told you that we aim high. High on a global scale. 🚀

But make no mistake about it, we enjoy every second of our journey. 🚶🏼

Peekator team photo 2020
Peekator team photo 2020

We are trying our best to follow these values. But have in mind that we are not perfect. ✌🏻

◻️ Over-Delivering

We strive to deliver more than expected.

◻️ Documenting

If it is not written, it did not happen. We currently use Notion for organization and Discord for communication.

◻️ Transparency

No secrets, no whispering. All costs, prices, and goals are available to everyone to look at.

◻️ Accountability

We set our own goals and deadlines for which we are responsible. We always take responsibility. We do not blame others.

◻️ Remote-First

All processes are arranged so that we can work from where we want. All we need is a laptop.

◻️ Ethics

Open and honest to every stakeholder.

◻️ Learning

We don't know a lot of things. It doesn’t stop us from getting into something because we learn every day.

We are currently not hiring, but if you like what you see, feel free to send us an open application. We guarantee you that you will get an answer. ☝🏻

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