Take a look at all the benefits you get

Sample editor

No need for sending inquiries to panels. You have access to more than 4000 panels directly from the Peekator platform. Browse and pick your sample and see transparent pricing.

Real-time sample

Browse through the sample editor and check the number of available respondents instantly. While you set your quota, follow the number of reachable people per every criterion.

Global reach

Go global in hours from a single platform. No need for different partners per region. In the Peekator panel, you reach up to 249 million respondents in more than 130 countries.

Targeted audience

Target your niche, like on Facebook ads targeting, from day-to-day activities to B2B segments. With more than 200 pre-screened questions, you can pinpoint your preferred specific target profiles without needing a single screenout. And we don’t charge extra for it.


Set your representative sample by including interlocks. Set and adjust any rule or ratio for your sample.

Answers in

Feel the speed of true automation by collecting the answers in a single day. It depends on the profile, but most surveys are collected within a day or two.

Interview your own respondents

Send it to your database. If you don’t need a panel or want to mix it, you can always get the link to the survey and send it to whomever you want.

Questionnaire editor

You’ve seen a dozen survey softwares, but the main difference is that this one is built for researchers, including innovative question types, for curious ones.

Comments and sharing

Comment and collaborate with your team on everything inside the platform. Use the google doc style comment section, avoid sending unnecessary emails with your latest questionnaire version, and just send a single link.

15 question

Choose from select and multiple-select questions, ordering-based, table-based, Van Westendorp, conjoint to some unique question types. All of the question types have multiple variations.

Innovative question types

This is where we focus on. We are constantly evolving new innovative question types. At this stage, we have 4 unique question types. Respondents love them! They are included in every pricing package.

Test System 1

Explore the implicit reaction from respondents by seeing the speed of the answer. Limit the time to answer to create a perfect environment for behavioral tests.

Shuffle everything

To avoid bias of the first choice, shuffle answers, questions, or even groups of questions.


If you want even deeper targeting, select answers where the survey ends for those participants.

Question routing

The most powerful but the easiest way of doing question routing or branching you’ve seen. The platform also shows the display logic for every question.

Insert media everywhere

Every question and answer can be edited in a rich text editor, which means that you can basically edit it as a Microsoft Word document and add files as well. You can even insert HTML screens throughout the survey.

Insights builder

Instant access to results with one-click filtering. Compare results with your previous surveys and analyze trends. Export the data in different formats and adjust it to your needs.

Auto-coded open-ends

Save dozens of hours. When using open-ended questions, you can use our AI to categorize answers in buckets.

Instant results

Track the number of completes and get instant results in the dashboard, ready for you to dig in.


Every answer is a filter that can be used to segment the data – no need to use heavy analytical tools. Your segmentation is a click away.

Track trends

Compare results from different projects and surveys. Include or exclude questions you want to compare. We don’t limit you, you are the builder.


Feel free to export the data in multiple formats. CSV, Excel, or SPSS.