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Good, you are here. Okay. Let's explain the product. 🤓

Peekator is market research platform for agile consumer insights.

Here is how the platform works, in three simple steps:


Order a research

According to the problem and the assumption, we create a questionnaire in the platform that we comment on and approve together.


Collect data

We run the survey on a selected target group of respondents and collect data in 24-48 hours.


Instant results

Based on the data collected, we automate reports, and you get instant results.

Some of the best ways to use platform are:

Concept testing

▫️ Packaging

▫️ Messages

▫️ Logo

▫️ Design

▫️ Prices

▫️ Names

Product development

▫️ Idea generation

▫️ Problem detection

▫️ Purchase intention

▫️ Competitive advantage

Consumer profiling

▫️ Consumer persona

▫️ Validation of existing assumptions

▫️ Discovering how to use a product

Brend tracking

▫️ Competition comparison

▫️ Understanding your brand position

▫️ Measuring the impact of marketing campaigns

Our survey editor gives ordinary questionnaires power to be a lot more than that:


⬜️ Smart conditions

The possibility of multiple branching and/or ejecting.

⬜️ Question/answer rotation

To avoid the rule of the “first choice”, we rotate the order of answers.

⬜️ Using an image, animation or video in questionnaires

Ideal for concept testing or product development. A/B testing is also available.

⬜️ Subconscious surveying

We measure the respondent retention on the question, as well as the speed of the response. This way we can also observe subconscious reaction caused by questions.

We are collecting data through multiple online panels:

Through our platform you can target millions of consumers. Here are the markets we are currently available on. If you want to target another market, contact us and we can 99% do it.

🇭🇷 Croatia - 60.000+ consumers

🇷🇸 Serbia - 60.000+ consumers

🇧🇦 BiH - 20.000+ consumers

🇸🇮 Slovenia - 25.000+ consumers

You can target these consumers based on more than twenty target groups. Some of them are:

▫️ age

▫️ sex

▫️ region

▫️ automobile

▫️ electronics

▫️ mobile device

▫️ gaming

▫️ household

▫️ family relations

▫️ smoking

▫️ finance

▫️ travel

▫️ job/occupation

▫️ media consumption

▫️ healthcare

▫️ education

▫️ food/beverage

▫️ hobbies/interests

After 24-48 hours you can instantly check your results in the platform:

Platform has some cool features like:

⬜️ Filtering

⬜️ Multiple users

⬜️ Export to pdf


The platform gives you the power to make your own conclusions and share them with your colleagues in a way you prefer.

And after 3 days, we deliver you a report with our main insights and conclusions.

If you came this far, you are really interested in Peekator. 😃

Let's connect!

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