Multi-Market Research From a Single Dashboard

Peekator's platform simplifies multi-country research with top-class data (we give a guarantee on it).

Peekator is an agile market research platform specifically built for running simultaneous multi-market research studies. We took the biggest pains from the process and made them effortless:

1. Global Reach at the Same Price

Gain access to all 7 continents with coverage in 91% of the countries. No changes in pricing per market or compromised feasibility. We serve as your true gateway to global insights.

2. Guaranteed High-Quality Data

Our system employs 13 tech and human checks before, during, and after data collection. We are so confident in the quality of our data that we offer a money-back guarantee if it does not meet top-notch standards.

3. Verified and Fast Translations

We leverage the best of both worlds: machine translations for speed, coupled with expert translators to ensure nothing is lost in translation. The best part? You only need to submit one questionnaire and we take care of the rest.

4. Real-Time Results, All in One Place

A single dashboard for the entire world. Analyse and cross-filter the data at your convenience, and enjoy real-time updates. Plus, one seamless export process.

We help our clients get the biggest ROI from multi-market research.

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It works smoothly and easily, with no scripting and coding required from your side:


Once your questionnaire is prepared, log in to our platform and upload it (in PDF, Word, or Excel format). Choose the target markets, translations, audience profiles, and sample size. Simply click GO, and you’ll be notified when we go live (typically within 1-2 working days after pressing the button).

Track Progress

Once the data collection phase has started, you can monitor incoming results in real-time through a single dashboard (in English), regardless of the number of markets or languages you’ve chosen. Typically, the collection process is completed within 1-3 calendar days based on your launch specifications.

Get Insights

Upon completion of data collection, you will be notified. Following final data quality checks and translation of open-ended answers into English, which is usually done within 1 working day, you can analyse the data within the dashboard or export it, all from a single platform.